Wu Jinyan Wants to Escape Label as Story of Yanxi Palace Star Wei Yingluo

wu jinyan story of yanxi palace

Chinese actress Wu Jinyan who rose to fame for her role as Wei Yingluo in the hit drama Story of Yanxi Palace addressed a topic that seemed to be bothering her with the premiere of her new drama Knock on the Happiness Door where she teams up with co-star Nie Yuan as an onscreen couple for the third time.

She took to social media to ask, “What do you think of when you hear Wu Jinyan? I believe many still think that Wu Jinyan equals Wei Yingluo.”

wu jinyan knock on happiness door
Wu Jinyan watching Knock on the Happiness Door

She reveals that she’s very thankful to Story of Yanxi Palace producer Yu Zheng and thankful to have taken on the role as Wei Yingluo that has been loved and known by fans. However, Wu Jinyan is not equivalent to the roles she portrays. According to her, whether it’s Wei Yingluo or a controversial role, each one is a part of her life and with that, she thoroughly follows the script, gains experience through her fellow actors and expresses every role wholeheartedly.

She says, “Every character has their own feelings. Regardless of the success or failure, regardless of whether someone likes it or not, I have done all that I can for these roles. But they shouldn’t and can’t imprison me because I have more roles to shape. So I want to escape from Wei Yingluo, who brought me great glory. I’ll continue to act after tearing off these labels, and look back after several years to see where the actress Wu Jinyan has gone.”

When I first heard this, I really wondered why Wu Jinyan wouldn’t want to be associated Wei Yingluo who is a very strong and clever woman. She’s basically the badass of the whole story! However, there is also the pressure of such a successful role overshadowing future works. Wu Jinyan has had other dramas since then and continues to try to break out of the label. I truly admire the fact that she is putting away a role that gave her so much popularity in the industry to welcome exciting challenges ahead!

knock on the hapiness door

Knock on the Happiness Door follows Nie Yuan as Huang Zili, a doctor who faces drastic setbacks in his career and love life, but somehow manages to get by as he single-handedly cares for the old and young that his ex-wife left behind. Wu Jinyan plays the hardworking and good-natured Fang Yan who has always wanted to fight crime as a cop but settles for regular police work due to her family’s wishes. Their paths cross when the doctor and the cop coincidentally meet.

With her new drama, she hopes that everyone would like her new character as policewoman Fang Yan who is ordinary yet strong and full of warmth.

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