Staff Inappropriately Places Arm Around THE9’s Yu Yan

Yu Yan THE9

Chinese girl group THE9 which consists of the top nine winners from the survival show Youth With You 2 has been very busy with their schedules. Alas, main vocalist Yu Yan recently faced an unfortunate incident on her way to the shooting location of a variety show. A clip surfaced online where a man can be seen inappropriately placing his arm around her before she quickly jumps out of the way. The man was later confirmed to be a security personnel.

Later that day, THE9 released a statement condemning the behavior of the staff who touched Yu Yan inappropriately and infringed on her personal rights and safety. Upon the company’s investigation, it has been confirmed that the person is a security personnel from the variety show. Furthermore, Yu Yan’s company has already issued a strong warning and demanded that the show immediately terminate the staff. They also urge the show to have strict protocols when looking into the qualifications of their security personnel as well as to improve security in order to prevent this from happening again.

The statement also says, “Here, our company would like to reiterate that we have zero tolerance for any harassment behavior towards our artists. We value the security of our artists and we are determined to protect their legal rights. With regards to any malicious behavior towards our artists, our company maintains the rights to take legal action.”

THE9 statement on Yu Yan

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