Song Dandan Celebrates Her 60th Birthday Bash and Retirement

Song Dandan 60th

Song Dandan

After four decades in showbiz, veteran actress Song Dandan officially steps back from the limelight on her 60th birthday. Her retirement might’ve already been announced last year, but this surely feels like the end of an era for the generations of kids who grew up watching her on family oriented shows like Home with Kids 家有儿女 and I Love My Family 我爱我家.

Song Dandan's 60th Birthday
Friends and family gathered to celebrate Song Dandan

While low key, her party was nonetheless brimming with love as family and friends celebrated the double occasion with her. Showbiz friends too like Liu Tao and Lin Yongjian were also on hand to make merry.

Liu Tao writes “Wan Jia Deng Huo is bright; Home with Kids is together under one roof; I Love My Family, is thriving. As a patron of the arts you are very devoted, as an artiste you bring audiences lots of laughter, as a mom you are warm and attentive, always looking towards your babies with an enchanted glance, as a teacher and a friend you are always with us every step of the way with your encouragement! To you who loves us all @Song Dandan, on the first day of your 60th year, our hearts are full as we celebrate joyfully and give thanks to you. Love you!”  

Song Dandan's TV Kids Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi

And speaking of Home with Kids , Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi were also present to celebrate with their “mum” together. Both Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi used to play her kids in the long-running sitcom, China’s answer to Growing Pains.

Wishing Song Dandan the happiest of birthdays and the best of luck for her retirement.

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