Rainie Yang Clarifies that Her Mole is 100% Natural

rainie yang mole

You know it must’ve been a slow couple of days if even singer Rainie Yang and her “missing” mole became a topic that had Netizens guessing whether the singer got her trademark mole removed or if it has always been drawn on and enhanced with makeup.

Ever since debuting as part of the Taiwanese girl group 4 in Love during the noughties and then landing the role as Xiao You in Meteor Garden 2001, the mole on Rainie’s right cheek has always been one of her distinguishing features. Which is why a bunch of her surprised fans went in a bit of a tizzy when her trademark was nowhere to be seen in the two makeup free and unfiltered selfies she recently shared updating fans about the status of her health. The singer had been feeling under the weather in recent days and fans were worried for her hence the reason why she decided to quickly pop into her Stories to reassure fans that she’s feeling much better and not to worry.

As for the unexpected attention her mole had been getting, Rainie Yang later popped in with another short clip on Stories this time showing her right cheek, saying she knows it’s now become quite  popular to fake freckles and moles using makeup but hers is completely natural! “It’s been like that since I was born up to now. It has always been that dark and that size” confirms the actress. Rainie did however get another mole on the corner of her mouth removed a few years ago which she says could still grow back.

rainie yang mole

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