R1SE Member He Luoluo Apologizes For Using Pirated Software to Compose Music

he luoluo

R1SE member He Luoluo recently landed himself in hot water after what he said in a recent interview got netizens wondering if he was actually supporting pirated products.

At an event that he was attending, He Luoluo revealed that he is learning to compose music. When asked what kind of software he used, he said he didn’t know what it was, only that it’s very expensive and costs more than 1,000 yuan. But instead of buying the original, he admitted that he used 20 yuan to buy 5. This remark caused much discussion as netizens assumed that He Luoluo was using pirated software.

He then posted an apology today stating “Wrong is wrong. I also realized my mistake and I accept all criticism. I sincerely apologize to everyone. Using pirated software is an act of disrespect for copyright, and I have set a bad example. Please forgive me! Sorry! I feel very sorry and guilty for my insensitive actions. I am reflecting deeply, and I have already deleted the pirated software. I will pay more attention to my words and deeds in the future. In my life and in my work, I will always remind myself to fight piracy and support genuine products.”

The singer had previously said that he respects good music and respects original work in response to plagiarism accusations last August 19. Chinese group Milk Coffee had released a statement claiming that song he sang for the animated series “Shuke Beita 2” plagiarized their song “Tomorrow, Hello.” In fairness to Luoluo, he merely sang the song and did not compose the music though I believe he should have been more careful.

Nonetheless, many of Luoluo’s fans are supportive since it is very hard to admit to your mistakes and he was brave enough to correct it.

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