Love Yourself Introduces Four Women Determined to Make Their Own Happiness

Love in Shanghai
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I will be happy with a man, but I will be equally happy still without one

Victoria Song, Celina Jade, Zhang Jianing and Li Chun’s romance drama Love Yourself 他其实没有那么爱你 finally airs tonight! When it comes to these independent ladies, the English translation definitely hits the nail on the head despite the literal translation to its Chinese title being “he doesn’t love you that much”. Think of a tamer version of “Sex in the City” set in the bustling concrete jungle of Shanghai.

Love by Yourself may be labeled as a romance, but central to the core of the story is the strong friendship between these modern 30 something girl friends as they help each other stay true to their sense of self while pursuing love and career growth. Victoria Song plays Kiwi TV producer Sun Yihe. Zheng Kai on the other hand plays Kiwi TV cameraman Yu Tian who is both a good friend and colleague. Life appears to be treating Yihe and her gal pals Karen (Celina Jade), Renran (Li Chun) and Dingding (Zhang Jianing) well. But in reality all four are stuck in their careers and love lives.

Yihe is ready to go to the mattresses for her career but meeting Chen Nan leaves her feeling all confused. High-powered VP Renran is a brilliant career woman but falls in love with Li Youting who always puts her second. Management trainee Dingding and her partner Yang Si Rui’s relationship is superficial. Meanwhile single mum and gym partner Karen discovers she is gravely ill after dragging her feet in her relationship. Will these four ladies at the prime of their lives get to have it all?

The Ladies
It’s not up to other person to make me happy, I make myself happy

For the build up to tonight’s premiere, the show’s marketing team cleverly gave hints of each character’s personality by having the actors upload a short trailer on their personal Weibo’s. Victoria got a quirky upbeat trailer kinda reminiscent of the 90’s TV show Working Girl. Celina’s was vibing a tough lady mood highlighting her strong single mum status whilst Li Chun’s was pretty much kicking up a boss lady storm with her slicked back hair, red red lips and speedy tune.

The gentlemen too received the same kind of treatment. Huang Zheng’s rocker Mark and Tony Yang Youning’s Chen Nan called for heavy metal tunes. While Wang Yaoqing‘s classier tones aptly reflects his role as part of the business elite.

The Gentlemen spicing up the lives of our four gal pals.

Love Yourself is 36 episodes long and stars Victoria Song Qian, Ryan Zheng Kai, Celina Jade, Zhang Jianing, Li Chun, Tony Yang Youning, David Wang Yaoqing, Han Tongsheng and Huang Zheng. There will also be special appearances by Shi An, Wang Li Xin and Zhang Haowei.

Release Date: August 18, 2020

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Victoria Song, Celina Jade, Zhang Jianing and Li Chun
Love Yourself Gentlement

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