Love and Redemption Starring Yuan Bingyan and Cheng Yi Premieres Tonight

Love and Redemption Poster
Premieres August 6, 2020

The classic trope of a coldly reserved hero and a quirky lazy heroine gets a twist in tonight’s surprise premiere courtesy of the xianxia romance drama Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞. Starring Yuan Bingyan and Cheng Yi, Yuan Bingyan plays our happy go lucky heroine who was a demon in her past life. Reincarnated as the lazy second daughter of the head of the Shaoyang sect and born lacking of the six senses, Xuan Ji doesn’t understand human love nor is she adept in martial arts since she’s been sneakily neglecting her training.

Xuan Ji and her sister Chu Linglong (Zhang Yuxi) attend the tournament hosted by the Shaoyang sect where she becomes close friends with Cheng Yi’s character Yu Sifeng, a disciple of the Li Ze Palace. But after getting injured in a conflict between Linglong and another tournament participant, Xuan Ji finally realises the importance of pursuing her own cultivation journey.

Xuan Ji  and Sifeng

A peep at the drama’s trailer will show you just how carefree Xuan Ji’s personality is but at the same time it’s also gut wrenching how her powerful past life continues to dog her despite Sifeng’s attempts to save her. Remember how she’s quite different from normal people and does not feel love? Nonetheless, if romance is what you’re looking for, the six minute long trailer is choc full of sweet (and heart wrenching) moments between Xuan Ji and Sifeng, proving that well, they’re just made for each other despite her cold heart.

Love and Redemption also stars Liu Xueyi, Zhang YuxiBai ShuHuang YoumingLi JunyiZhou JunweiHou MengyaoFu Fangjun and Yang Xizi

A cursed Yi Sifeng waiting for his love
A cursed Yi Sifeng waiting for his love
Is Xuan Ji up to mischief again?

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