Dylan Wang Rumoured to Have a Girlfriend

Dylan Wang
Dylan Wang

All eyes are on Dylan Wang ‘s dating life today as speculations of him having a girlfriend flooded the Weibosphere. Has “Dao Ming Si”, the breakout role that put the name Dylan Wang on the map, finally found his Shancai? Netizens seem to think so. Kidding aside, the Yu Long actor was papped closely walking side by side with a girl earlier. She was then seen feeding Dylan a bite of chicken from the drumstick she had been eating. They both weren’t acting particularly touchy-feely but Netizens say only couples are comfortable sharing bites from the same drumstick hence the conjecture.

dylan wang rumored gf

Now this isn’t the first instance the pair have been spotted hanging out together as they were also photographed on two separate occasions later in the day. First, the lady was seen accompanying Dylan to a basketball game with his mates. After the game, the pair were then seen hopping into the same car for a spot of grocery shopping at the supermarket before returning home together.

According to media reports, Dylan’s rumoured girl was his college schoolmate and his first love. But seeing that there hasn’t been any reply from the actor’s camp when asked for a comment, who’s to know? If the rumours are true, I’m very happy for him.

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