Zhang Huiwen and Caesar Wu Form a Crime Fighting Duo in “Heart of Loyalty”

Zhang Huiwen and Caesar Wu

Zhang Huiwen and Caesar Wu are pairing up for a new drama adapted from a novel by Lan Se Shi 蓝色狮, the same author who brought us last year’s well received Under the Power. If you’ve been religiously following the Justice Bao stories, his ever loyal bodyguard Zhan Zao is getting his very own spin off with a side of romance tacked in! And as always, where ever our intrepid “Southern Hero” goes, we can all be sure that mystery and intrigue won’t be far behind. It’s hard to imagine not having the legendary Justice Bao’s detecting smarts to aid him but it’s a good thing he also has the “genius girl” Mo Yan by his side to help him wade through the layers of conspiracy to get to the bottom of things!

Heart of Loyalty 一片冰心在玉壶 has all the elements that will tickle any self-respecting mystery lover’s fancy.  Intrigue and potential crime? Check. A sword wielding expert martial artist and an aspiring expert thief slash genius partner? Check!  This sounds like it’s going to be a fun and quirky historical mystery. There’s also the bonus of a romance thrown in. 

Seeing that shooting for the drama has officially wrapped only yesterday after two short months filming into the summer, getting posters this early for a sneak peek might be a tad fanciful. However the production did manage to do us a solid and pop out a few at least showing the drama’s leads Zhang Huiwen and Caesar Wu Xize as Mo Yan and Zhan Zao. While it’s very definitely a long way off from his F4 persona and much closer to his look in The Chang’an Youth, Wu Xize’s clean cut Zhan Zao certainly looks intriguing.  Equally intriguing is that poster of Zhang Huiwen sporting a mustache – I didn’t see any references of her pretending to be a man in the synopsis!

Nonetheless, if it’s visuals you’re wanting, the crew has some costumed photos of the artists also featured in the drama like Niu ZifanChen FangtongTian Li with special appearances from Qiao ZhenyuWang ZixuanLi Hongyi and Zhao Da.

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