Yamy’s Boss Questions Legality of Recording Him in Secret

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Things in the Yamy versus Xu Mingchao saga are far from over as the talent agency boss fires back with a short message questioning the singer’s motives for publicly drawing out the issue and further questioning the legality of secretly recording him. As you know the former Rocket Girls member wrote a long post last week basically calling him out for the verbal and emotional abuse she has been subjected to under his management and that she wanted OUT.  To further support her claims, Yamy also shared a clip of his tirade someone had taken during a staff meeting with her post.

Yamy speaks up

I have received messages of concern and greetings from everyone in the past few days. Since I cannot reply to you one by one, I want to express my gratitude to you and my thoughts.
First of all, I want to reassure everyone that I am slowly coming out and growing, which is always a good thing. Next, I stand firm in my commitment to complete all the tasks that I have agreed to before submitting the letter to terminate my contract. To the voices calling into question my actions, I will face you with a calm attitude. So I really hope that more friends can rationally listen and discuss with the people and things you care about.
Some friends have shared their own workplace dilemma through private messages and I am very very grateful for their trust. At the same time, I hope everyone makes decisions in accordance to their own situations. When rehashing these things, don’t let your emotions sway you from your original intentions. Not talking slander that has nothing to do with the core issue is also something I’m still trying to learn and remind myself of.
Some people have been saying that an “incomplete recording” easily raises questions. I only mentioned in my previous post that editing the tape to only keep the personal content was to ensure the company, colleagues and attendees in the meeting are protected. No matter how it is interpreted, I will stand by it. In addition, the complete original recording has been notarized. If you want to go to court in the future, you can be sure not a single minute and second will be cut. As for the person who recorded the conversation as well as the people who reached out to me, they all acted with guidance from their own lawyers. Should there be a day when another person voluntarily stands up to tell their story, it will reach another “bombshell” level.
Sticks and stones can hurt but has never disappeared. Whether it’s a weapon or shield only the law can determine. 
Lastly, whether my job reverts back to being a dancer or even a farmer, it is still something to be proud of.
The words I have written above reflect some of what I have been feeling recently. I hope it can help give some strength to some friends. Thank you again for your concern, and thank you to Netizens and fans for all of your support. Grateful.”  

Xu Mingchao fires back 

Less than an hour later, Xu Mingchao quickly fired back with his own response directed at Yamy-
Yamy, that’s right.Terminating your contract is a matter that should be left up to the law, it’s not too late to understand that fact. You hoped to use the power of public opinion to solve the problem at once. I know what you’re doing, but it is not wise. You also said that the recording has been collected for evidence. I thank you. I hope to meet the friend who took the recording in court, and consult with a lawyer whether this kind of behavior is legal or not. Thanks and good wishes.”

Oh no, it doesn’t look like things will be settled anytime soon. Regardless of what happens next, it’s disheartening to listen to a manager tasked to look after the well being of his artistes being the one belittling them and making them feel unworthy. Tough love might work for some but perhaps you can catch more flies with positive reinforcement than vinegar? Just a thought.

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