Sisters Who Make Waves Contestant Wan Qian Confirms She’s Okay After Rumors of Accident

Sisters Who Make Waves Contestant Wan Qian Confirms She
Talent competitions are always a treat to watch but if there’s one thing I really hate about them, it’s the eliminations. It’s always heart wrenching to watch contestants who’ve become super close saying goodbye to each other you know? 

After watching “sister” Shen Mengchen say a tearful goodbye to her team mates Wang Feifei and Wan Qian in the latest episode of Sister Who Makes Waves 乘风破浪的姐姐, I’d hate to consider another exit is imminent for another member of their team after the distressing reports of Wan Qian getting into a fender bender in Changsha broke out earlier today. According to media, the actress had to undergo emergency surgery today on her injured her right hand after her car was suddenly hit by another car while out driving. 
Sisters Who Make Waves Contestant Wan Qian Confirms She
Oh boy that’s certainly not such a great start to a Monday huh. But worry not though as the actress has thankfully confirmed already that she’s okay, and for us “not to worry”. Indeed for fans who are rooting for her, how the accident will possibly impact her participation in the survival show is not yet known, but fingers crossed there’s some pre-recorded episodes to buy the actress some time to recuperate. Meanwhile, fans and her “show sister” Shen Mengchen have expressed their support and relief that Wan Qian is alright. Here’s wishing the actress a speedy recovery!
Sisters Who Make Waves Contestant Wan Qian Confirms She
Update: Wan Qian Studio released a statement on July 14:
“To all friends who care about Wan Qian: 
Yesterday, Wan Qian had surgery due to a fracture on her right arm. The operation has gone smoothly. Currently, Wan Qian maintains a positive and optimistic state in cooperating with the treatment. 
Thanks to the program team of “Sisters Who Make Waves” for reaching out to arrange medical treatment at the first instance, thanks to the superb medical skills of the medical experts and thanks for everyone’s concern. 
The studio will strictly adhere to the doctor’s advice and put the artist’s health first in subsequent work arrangements. Thank you for your care and support.”
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