Drama Adaptation of Priest’s A Tale of the Wanderers Reveals Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun as Men in White

Drama Adaptation of Priest
The entire cast and crew of the drama adaptation of Priest’s A Tale of the Wanderers / Tian Ya Ke 天涯客 might be smack in the middle of production filming at the moment, but the drama sure gave its fans something to look forward to when it dropped two visual easter eggs to drum up some hype. 

We’re all getting a first glimpse of Zhang Zhehan’s  Zhou Zishuo and Simon Gong Jun’s Wen Kexing, two opposites with different goals in life. ‘Course basing on the posters alone you wouldn’t be able to tell which is which since they’re both in white. Zhou Zishuo used to be the leader of an elite group of assassins under the command of the emperor. After all the bloodshed, he’s looking for an out and just wants peace. Wen Kexing on the other hand is the master of a cult hosting cruel and evil beings. 
I didn’t know this before but it seems A Tale of the Wanderers is not Gong Jun’s only BL adapted drama. The actor paired up with Jason Xuto star in the 2017 drama adaptation of author Chai Jidan’s Advance Bravely, so you might wanna hop on there if you’re a wee bit curious.
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