Black Swan Vibes for TFBOYS’ 7th Anniversary Photos, Yu Zheng Alludes to Plagiarism

TFBoys 7th anniversary

For the their 7th anniversary concert, the TFBoys Roy WangKarry Wang and Jackson Yee just shared some stunning black swan-esque promotional pics that wouldn’t be out of place in a Tchaikovsky ballet. Deceptively simple with none of the previous year’s props and costumes to detract from its subjects, the photos hint at the trio’s evolution and showcase a more mature side of the band… Perhaps that’s also the whole point of them rising out of the flames? Fanciful thinking aside, I for one do think this is their best one yet.

TFBoys 7th anniversary

But it appears not everyone is in agreement as Yu Zheng points out the similarities of the Boy’s black swan theme with a 2015 photo shoot with actress He Ruixian for the Yu Zheng written drama Demon Girl. Alluding that the concept for the promotional photos for the TFBoys were lifted from Demon Girl, the producer writes:

When shooting Demon Girl in 2015, we did a black feathered concept for He Ruixian which caused a sensation at the time; looking at some similar photos from the idols, I find it a bit hard to accept, and I want to see if a fair evaluation will be given to idols with a huge fanbase? (it seems in this online world popularity and the “star effect” is still king~)

yu zheng alludes to plagiarism

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