Ady An Scalded by Hot Tea on Pregnant Belly Due to Fast Food Mishap, McDonald’s Responds

In a bit of worrying news today, expectant mum Ady An wrote about her recent scare getting scalded by hot drinks which broke out from the bottom of the thin takeaway bag as she was trying to lift them out. 
On that day, I was quite hungry so I asked my family to get some Mcdonald’s for me. It took less than ten minutes for the food to be delivered and I took out the meals one by one. Then I proceeded to take out the two cups of hot tea. What I didn’t expect was to have the two cups fall out from the bottom of the paper bag together, and to fall right on me. Being pregnant made it more difficult for me to move quickly, and because I was also afraid of slipping, I couldn’t jump out of the way quickly enough. The hot drink brewed in 100 degree boiling water drenched my legs, my hands and my belly. I still cannot forget the pain from the hot burning sensation, and the scars left by the burns on my inner thighs haven’t fully healed yet.
Fortunately, the entire thing happened at home and I was able to rush to the bathroom to treat the burns with cold water. And thankfully since we were at home, my little ding-dang who had a little knowledge of emergency burn treatment was able to take care of me so as not to leave serious burn scars. What’s even more fortunate is that my almost a year old son “66” wasn’t in my arms as usual when it happened and the baby in my tummy is alright despite the abnormal contractions caused by the scare.
Now think about it, if the person who had hot drinks breaking out of the takeaway bag wasn’t me, if the person is holding a baby in their arms, or if it’s a child waiting to dive in for his delicious meal, if the person didn’t have any know how treating burns and if the person didn’t have a convenient place on hand to treat the affected area with water, then the consequences will be unbearable!”
Together with her post, actress also encouraged McDonald’s as well as other companies to make takeaway hot drinks safer for the public. In response to the incident, the company issued a statement saying “Thank you all for your attention. We have expressed our sincere apologies to our customer. Since it is not a McDonald’s product from the Mainland, we have reminded the relevant market on how to prevent such incidents from happening again. In Mainland China, we have standard operating rules to prevent the overturning of beverages, such as adding plastic bags to take-out beverages. We will take this as a warning and, as always, strictly implement safe service standards. Thank you again for your reminder.”
Getting scalded by a very hot drink is excruciating enough but I can’t even begin to imagine the panic it would’ve caused with the contractions she had from the scare!
The bottom of the takeaway bag appears to have ripped open
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