Zhao Yiqin Lost a Role Because He Wasn’t Popular Enough? Yu Zheng Exposes the Difficulties Up and Comers Face in the Industry

Zhao Yiqin Lost a Role Because He Wasn
Trust Yu Zheng to spill the tea behind whatever it is that happened to capture his ire. The controversial writer slash producer didn’t mince words when he took to social media lamenting the unsatisfactory situation facing showbiz greenhorns and newcomers.

It’s so hard for newcomers to stand out!
Zhao Yiqin has been working in the industry for four years, and has appeared in eleven dramas, five of which saw him land the top spot for leading men. Yet there are still directors who tell him “your acting is good, you’re quite good looking, but we still prefer to use a bigger name”. Each time I hear this at an audition, it makes me want to start cursing. If this is the case, why even bother to have people audition for the role and throw away half a day in this manner?
At another audition where he was doing a one on one read through with another actor, Zhao Yiqin received a lot of applause for his performance. The director even said he was perfect for the role, except in the end they chose to go with another actor whose name brings in more views! At that time my heart was so full of resentment, thinking that one day I will be a hindrance in their climb to the top!”
Just yesterday someone came asking about my artist’s availability. She forgot that she mentioned in the past she won’t be signing him on because he wouldn’t become popular. Now if the script was good I would’ve suffered through it, but the script was so bad I had to send it back. That was such a big miss.”
Zhao Yiqin Lost a Role Because He Wasn
Zhao Yiqin is currently starring in the drama My Girl 99分女朋友 opposite actress Li Jiaqi whom you might remember as Xiaoyou in 2018’s Meteor Garden. The rom-com follows a love story between a makeup artist with a scar and the stingiest CEO in history. When they were young, Shen Yi accidentally injured Meng Hui and left a scar on her face but he ran due to cowardice. When they meet again, Meng Hui is a makeup artist who suffers from delusions of grandeur when an episode prompts her to declare that that she is the CEO’s girlfriend. In order to get the formula for Meng Hui’s homemade liquid foundation, Shen Yi pretends to be her boyfriend. 
With regards to his new drama, Yu Zheng says the plot is good and “if the drama takes off, you (Zhao Yiqin) can slap those short sighted faces with your success.” Melodramatic or not, Yu Zheng has always been a big supporter of his artistes and even his newbies are given a chance to appear in supporting roles before graduating to bigger ones in the dramas he’s written or produced. 
In fact he’s been known to have once said “I feel that the newbies are more important than the stars” referring to actress Zhang Nan whom he’s also championed in the past. It sure must be nice to be the receiving end of Yu Zheng’s support, knowing that he has your back, isn’t it?
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