Yu Zheng Backs Li Yitong After Writing a Blind Item About a Popular Actor’s Agent’s Attempts to Smear Her

Yu Zheng Backs Li Yitong After Writing a Blind Item About a Popular Actor
Writer and producer Yu Zheng whose known for his frequent rants is back in the spotlight with a blind item that involves a number of people in C-ent. Although he doesn’t explicitly name names, it seems that he left enough clues for netizens to narrow it down to Li Yitong, Jin Chen, Li Qin, Deng Lun and his manager. I’d take any blind item with a grain of salt but the gist of it is Yu Zheng claiming that a talent agent has engaged in activities to smear an actress. On June 2, Yu Zheng took to Weibo to write: 

“Let me praise myself ten thousand thousand times because I’m really too smart!!! Yesterday, the drama of actress A whom I like very much was just announced, but it’s been overshadowed by negative things posted about her on Douban. She doesn’t actually mind the made up nonsense about her but her beautiful manager got very anxious. I told her manager to calm down and asked if she suspected anyone in particular and I learned this: 
Yu Zheng Backs Li Yitong After Writing a Blind Item About a Popular Actor
1. Actress A took on the project last minute because actress B who was supposed to star couldn’t make it anymore, thus she came in as a replacement.
2. Why couldn’t actress B come as scheduled? Because her manager agent C also manages actor D who used to date actress E, the second lead in the drama. He’s worried that actor D’s love life would affect his job so he’s been smearing actress E and also caused the couple to breakup. How can he (agent C) agree to have actress B and E share the stage? He thought that the broadcast platform and production company would compromise but did not expect that they’d ignore him by having actress A replace actress B. What could’ve been a large sum of money fell through so he must hate actress A to death.
3. Last year, actress A and actress B both had big historical dramas airing around the same time. Actress A had to deal with attempts to smear her but because she’s from a small company, she had no way to fight back except to silently take it. When A’s drama didn’t turn out as good as B’s drama, the smearing slowly disappeared. 
4. At this moment, A and E’s new drama has been announced, A will soon have a big costume drama airing around the same time as B’s big costume drama. Given C’s personality, it would be surprising if he doesn’t make a move to smear his opponents. Back then, he used all kinds of tactics to say that E was manipulating buzz.
After revealing all the information, she (actress A’s manager) asked me, what is the use of saying all this? I said, it’s enough. I then looked at the usernames who were smearing actress A and searched their feed for the names of actress B and actor D to discover that it was full of praise. The search for actress E returned nothing but smears and scolding. 
Now the answer is clear. These user accounts belong to agent C or are paid off by C. The article is specifically to smear actress A. I know I wrote a bunch of ABCDE and you must all be confused, but I am telling you, I’ve solved the case! Happy!!!”
Yu Zheng Backs Li Yitong After Writing a Blind Item About a Popular Actor
Now to piece together Yu Zheng’s not so subtle hints, actresses A and E are thought to be Li Yitong and Jin Chen as their new drama Dear Missy which is said to be the Chinese version of Gossip Girl recently dropped its first posters to announce both as the leads. Furthermore, Jin Chen liked Yu Zheng’s post and he responded with, “Thanks E for giving me a like.” 
Li Yitong and Li Qin had their dramas Royal Nirvana and Joy of Life airing around the same time last year. Their new dramas Court Lady and The Wolf are rumored to air soon. Li Qin was initially attached to star in Dear Missy which makes her actress B. Jin Chen used to date Deng Lun which makes him actor D while agent C is his manager.  
Yu Zheng Backs Li Yitong After Writing a Blind Item About a Popular Actor
Later on, it seems that Yu Zheng himself has revealed the identity of actress A when he took to social media again this time to express support for Li Yitong. He also shared their chat messages where he’s seen texting Li Yitong about a rumor claiming that her side’s essentially paying 500,000 yuan per episode just to secure her role as the leading lady. Yu Zheng says that the contract on Douban cannot be any more fake because Li Yitong is a stage name and she uses her real name when signing contracts. 
Regardless of who ABCDE are, he adds that he is not attacking any artist because they are innocent. Instead, he is frustrated with a certain talent manager. 
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