Xiao Zhan Focuses on Charity Work As He Returns Stronger Than Before

Xiao Zhan Focuses on Charity Work As He Returns Stronger Than Before
Xiao Zhanhas been slowly getting back into the swing of things after taking a quick break away from the industry following the backlash of the A03 / 227 incident earlier in the year, but it appears the actor still can’t seem to catch a break.

This week, the actor’s name is once again on people’s lips as news of his fans and anti fans bombarding Zhejiang TV with complaints spread. Although there has been no official announcement of his guest appearance in the variety show Youth Periplous 2 , rumours accompanying sightings of the actor in the program’s filming locations had fans eagerly awaiting his scenes. So when the show finally aired its first few episodes and still no Xiao Zhan, you can be sure upset fans made their dissatisfaction known – accusing the show of giving false hope to fans in order to bump up their ratings while also spawning a boycott Xiao Zhan hashtag from his antis.
While it’s indeed unusual and quite drastic for the show to have cut out his scenes entirely, I dearly hope the boycott hashtag won’t be gathering any more momentum because it would be a pity if fans will miss out participating in his (low profile) efforts to give back to the community.
Xiao Zhan Focuses on Charity Work As He Returns Stronger Than Before
Anyway, speaking of his charitable activities, the actor attended an event last week to support programs targeting poverty alleviation in the rural parts of the country, and from what he shared, it looks like Xiao Zhan’s time away from the industry has done him some good as he’s now much more focused on living well and becoming a better and stronger version of himself. With regards to his charity work which he says he’s committed to continue, The Untamedstar says that he doesn’t want to concern himself any longer with how others will interpret his actions. People will always look at things based on their own biases and opinions regardless, and as long as he does his best, he says it’s good enough for him.
In a recent interview, Xiao Zhan has maintained that it is an ordinary person’s responsibility to give back to the community and that as a public figure, even more so. If you didn’t know, his studio quietly donated medical masks to frontliners when the COVID-19 epidemic hit. 
With all the curveballs and detours life has thrown at Xiao Zhan and his career, what plans does the actor have for future? Xiao Zhan readily admits he never imagined things will turn out this way and that since returning to work, his schedule hasn’t been as full as before.  So ideally, he says he wants to go back to filming. However, even if he’s not as busy as he used to before, he says he’s not scared. Sure, he worries that his projects won’t be as well received as it was but since he can’t really do anything about it, he opts to remain hopeful that things will turn out for the best. At the very least, he says  he’d have a good story to tell about this experience and how it helped him grow as a person and as an actor. 
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