Symphony’s Romance (2020)

If there is any form of art that effortlessly makes people come together, music is often the answer that goes on top of our heads. This is exactly what the Chinese music and romance drama, Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟has in store for us. 

Yet another remake based on Tomoko Ninomiya’s Japanese manga Nodame Cantabile, Symphony’s Romance will have a 40-episode run starring Jelly Lin Yun (Beautiful Reborn Flower) and Steven Zhang Xincheng (Skate Into Love) who will have us fall in love with their passion for music.
Everything was going well for Steven Zhang Xincheng’s Li Zhen Yan as a talented musician, having offers left and right from the most prestigious schools worldwide. It was a severe childhood trauma that gave a full stop to his music career as he continued to be haunted by his past. It was Jelly Lin Yun’s Fang Xiao Wo that turned Li Zhen Yan’s blank music composition sheet into a song again. She is not your typical heroine, having peculiar characteristics which could turn people off, but Zhen Yan is not one of them.
Thanks to Fang Xiao Wo, Li Zhen Yan found the right notes to make music again. Together, they will pursue their unwavering passion for music. Hopefully, there won’t be any haunting melodies to stop them anymore!
This is going to be the third live action adaptation of the original story with Korea’s Naeil’s Cantabile in 2014 after Japan’s Nodame Cantabile in 2006, not to mention an anime of the same name in 2007. I have never seen any version and music-themed dramas and films are not my type of genre.
Although this may be worth checking out for the leads’ chemistry and it’s cool to know that Zhang Xincheng is very musically inclined as the actor has a background in musical theater and really plays the piano in real life! This will certainly be a lot different from Skate into Love where he played an ice hockey jock. It seems the question is more whether Jelly Lin will fit the bill as the eccentric Nodame or whether the Chinese remake will take the liberty to have its own take on the character. 
With such a straight-forward plot, I’m curious about the possible twists that they can make and worried that it might just drag after having to stretch this out for 40 episodes which seems the longest compared to the rest of the adaptations. I’m hoping that I will be wrong about this and that this will end up to be a sweet melody worth playing! It also stars Ning Hengyu, Fang Yuan, Liu Qian and Chen Jingyangay.
Release Date: June 21, 2020 primetime on Hunan TV, released online on Tencent, MGTV and iQIYI
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