Liang Jie’s Mr. Honesty Set to Premiere Soon About an Assistant Who Lies Opposite Xin Yunlai as Her Boss

Compared to real life, office romances in dramas tend to bring many more possibilities and we’ve got another boss-employee relationship coming our way with a unique take on how two conflicting personalities work their way.

Mr. Honesty also known as Don’t Lie To Your Lover 不说谎恋人 stars Liang Jie as Xu Yiren, a young woman who has a tendency to tell lies opposite Xin Yunlai as Fang Zhiyou, the principled CEO who never tells lies. Having lost her job and her love life in one night, Xu Yiren is at an interview for her next job. She is shocked to discover that the CEO is the same man who caused her breakup after exposing that her boyfriend was cheating on her. He despises lying yet decides to hire her somehow because he needs her to lie for him. 
Many of us are still basking in the happiness of another onscreen reunion between Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie in You Are My DestinyIt comes as a pleasant surprise that we’re being treated to another drama from her so soon as Mr. Honesty is set to premiere June 29 on Tencent. 
It’s a new couple pairing to look forward to with Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty star Xin Yunlai as the leading man. Will we experience a second lead syndrome like we often do? With the hunky Liu Haikuan from The Untamed as the second lead, we just might! It also stars Wendy Luo Qiuyun, Wu Jifeng and Chen Shimin
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