Joe Chen Tells Meddlesome Netizens to Back Off

Actress Joe Chen didn’t exactly hold back when she told meddling Netizens to keep their nose out of her business. 

The actress recently shared some snaps on Instagram showing herself and her friends taking advantage of mixing some work with play and generally enjoying their time together at an amusement park. However what should have been great memories of a fun summer outing eating ice cream and wearing silly hair accessories are now marred by the unexpected censure she received from Netizens unhappy to see her with an arm hooked around her guy pal’s elbow.  
In a culture that puts importance on appearances, some Netizens were quick to point out that because she already has a boyfriend – Malaysian Alan Chen whom she met on the set of  Meeting Mr Right last year, it wouldn’t do to be “too close” to male friends. 


Well, Joe certainly wasn’t one to put up with this nonsense. The actress quickly fired back saying, “your old fashioned comments on women’s rights are really low, whoever’s hand this old woman wants to hold is none of your business. Get lost!” Indeed, as some commenters have pointed out, “the most important thing is to be able to get along with your friends and are comfortable with each other”. “As long as both parties in the relationship can accept that their significant others will have male and female friends, then it doesn’t matter.” So please, as Joe says, “back off”.
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