Favoritism Between Wu Jinyan and Bai Lu?

Favoritism Between Wu Jinyan and Bai Lu?
Contracts ending in the entertainment industry are nothing new but it appears Story of Yanxi Palace actress Wu Jinyan’s seems to be getting more speculation than usual as rumours have been going around that she won’t be re-signing with Huanyu Films once her contract is up. According to some chatter, the actress has allegedly fallen out of favour with Huanyu Films boss Yu Zheng which is why she hasn’t been getting as much gigs as his newest protégé Bai Lu has, snapping up the leading roles in a number of Yu Zheng’s newer projects like Arsenal Military Academy and Song of Youth.

Yu Zheng however was quick to put these rumours to bed, writing a post on social media where he said “Contract expiring? Fallen out of favour? Are you a worm inside my stomach who knows everything going on inside my head? Legacy has just wrapped up filming. Didn’t you see? I love all of my artists and I don’t sign a lot of new artists easily. When I sign a new talent, I consider them family and treat them all equally. If it’s a bit uncomfortable, no matter how popular, the number of people that I’ve fired is not small, including popular stars that grew up in my crew and were signed many years ago for over 10 years. I sign artists not to make money but because I have a dream, my artists love each other like family, so don’t make up any more rumours to stir up trouble. @Huanyu Film is a ‘family’ culture, unlike other agencies, artists are in one group, occasionally meeting for food to catch up, every artist is in my heart… ”
Granted, Yu Zheng has been always been quite protective of his rookies – wasn’t he just lamentingabout how it has been quite a struggle for his “newbie” Zhao Yiqin to nab roles since he’s not yet considered a household name? He also said, “To say that I have favoritism, it’s true that I have a tendency to be more partial to newcomers, after all, the entertainment industry is quite cold. Established stars have the privilege of choice, but the noobs have it harder. Besides, all of my artists were rookies once, and when they were new, they too were given the preference.” 
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