Defendant in Yang Zi Defamation Case Fined for Forging Evidence

Defendant in Yang Zi Defamation Case Fined for Forging Evidence
We’ve all heard the old adage “crime doesn’t pay” often enough, but the Beijing Courts are making sure that someone learns this lesson when they slapped a 100,000 yuan fine for forging evidence. 

Apparently the woman in question, Zhang, was the accused in a defamation suit filed by actress Yang Zi for making several harmful remarks against her on Weibo. But according to the defendant, whoever stole her ID card and mobile phone was the one who used her stolen information to create the Weibo account involved in the case. To further back up her claims, the defendant also produced an affidavit of loss issued by the police station when she reported her identity card missing. Problem is, according to police, no such certification was ever issued.
According to the courts, it appears Zhang forged multiple copies of the affidavit based on materials readily found in the internet for hukou or household registration. She also insisted the documents were real despite the repeated confirmation of the judge for the document’s source. 
Anyway, as far as this defamation case goes, I wouldn’t really be surprised if things ultimately don’t end up in her favour. For one thing, forging evidence critical in determining ownership of the Weibo account shows bad intentions, like she has something to hide. Factor in the fact the attempts to misrepresent the truth also brings to question the person’s integrity in the matter? Things aren’t really looking up. It’s appalling how people abuse the internet but instances like this show that it’s not a lawless place after all. 
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