Zheng Shuang’s Ex Tiger Hu Fires Back After Being Triggered by Her Comment About Shanghainese Men

Zheng Shuang
While ugly breakups tend to blow up one way or another in showbiz, you normally don’t expect that to happen four years after the fact, yet this seems to be the case for Zheng Shuang and her ex-boyfriend, Chinese singer-songwriter Tiger Hu Yanbin, after the latter reacted negatively to a comment she made on a recent show. 

Zheng Shuang: I can’t handle Shanghainese Men
Zheng Shuang is one of the participants on Make Life Nice (lit.) 让生活好看, a Chinese show much like the Korean reality show I Live Alone that follows the lifestyles of single celebrities. 
Zheng Shuang
Zheng Shuang raises the topic of Shanghainese men being afraid of their wives to Timmy Xu Weizhou who is also on the show and a Shanghai native. Timmy says that it’s a stereotype but says that it’s important to love your wife. Zheng Shuang comments, “I feel like Shanghainese men are really quite good.” As the conversation goes on, she later says, “Actually, I can’t handle Shanghainese men. Won’t mention it anymore,” while Timmy Xu chuckles, “No one mentioned it, you’re the one who mentioned it yourself.”
Zheng Shuang
Tiger Hu Fires Back with a Series of Posts on Social Media
Zheng Shuang’s ex Tiger Hu who is from Shanghai reacted that very evening the episode aired as he wrote a post on Weibo at 12:05 a.m., “Women of the Northeast (referring to Zheng Shuang who’s from Dongbei) are quite good, I can’t handle Northeastern women, “Please” stop mentioning it.” By 1:32 a.m. he wrote another post, “How much time has passed, still bringing up exes at every turn, ying xiao hao (marketing accounts) moving to the beat! Resorting to these method for years is frustrating! And pinning this on me, saying I’m the one jumping out? I won’t be the scapegoat for this, who is willing they can take it, is this an award ceremony? Such an honorable award, whoever wants it can take it! Fast!”
The next morning, he had a response ready for bashers, “Woke up prepared for your cyberbullying, it’s not even the first time, scold all you want. Never counted on you to control this. My fans are few, so I have to keep enduring this? I’m wrong for protecting myself? Let me say this again, from now on don’t bring me up, I have no time. We’re all adults, need to know your own influence, think before you speak, be sensible…., don’t always give others a chance to “jump on to the trend”.”
Zheng Shuang’s Past Relationships
While Zheng Shuang is quite private about her personal life, her past relationships have been quite public. She first dated her co-star Zhang Han from their 2009 drama Meteor Shower and broke up in 2014. After dating rumors starting swirling with Tiger Hu, the two eventually revealed that they were dating in 2015 to the surprise of many who never really pictured the two as a couple due to their image being so far apart. They broke up a year later as confirmed by Zheng Shuang’s father in March 2016. 
Rumors of Zheng Shuang and Tiger Hu getting back together sprung up briefly in July 2018 after paparazzi spotted them meeting up though Tiger took to social media to clarify that it was their final meeting and that he wished her well. Days later, it was revealed that Zheng Shuang was dating her non-showbiz boyfriend Zhang Heng. The two have also broken up since. 
Zheng Shuang
Many feel that Tiger Hu may have overreacted since Zheng Shuang’s comment was about Shanghai men and she had not mentioned him specifically. Similar to Tiger Hu, Zheng Shuang’s recent ex Zhang Heng is also a Shanghai native. 
Tiger Hu responds with yet another post on social media to explain that his three previous posts had the same message – that he doesn’t want to be involved. He also said that the reason for his outburst was because he had been holding back for too long. He shared numerous media reports linking his name to Zheng Shuang that he easily found online as proof. He further denies past media reports which said that he will help Zheng Shuang in her lawsuit against her ex Zhang Heng. He says, “Already said that we were no longer in contact, how can there be helping with the lawsuit? I was given the title of best ex-boyfriend, I can’t accept that. It’s been four years, stop mentioning it. Everyone is doing well, being used for news is a bit tiring. Your fans are too powerful, can’t face them, can’t hide from them.” He reiterates that he no longer wants to have any involvement and won’t be bringing up the issue anymore.”
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