Netizens Raise Heavy Similarities in Yang Zi’s Newest Ad to IU’s Love Poem

Netizens Raise Heavy Similarities in Yang Zi


Oh dear.
Eagle eyed netizens have just pointed out that Yang Zi’s latest endorsement of limited edition “Purple” wedding photo albums closely resembles the concept for South Korean singer-actress IU’s 5th mini album Love Poem which was released last year. From the ad’s overall dreamy vibes set in a gorgeous floral garden, the lavender theme and styling, and even Yang Zi’s poses down to the balloons both stars were holding, the similarities are admittedly uncanny.

Netizens Raise Heavy Similarities in Yang Zi
Pre-wedding photos have become a booming industry in recent years as more and more couples insist upon having one of a kind photographs to commemorate tying the knot. It’s no surprise then that wedding photography companies will pull out all the stops to differentiate itself above the rest as one company did so by enlisting the GoGo Squid! actress. Besides, the English garden-esque theme most definitely makes for some beautiful wedding photographs.
Some netizens have already mentioned that the overall look and concept are indeed not exclusively patented or copyrighted to IU, but in some ways the ad does look similar to the inspiration? What do you guys think?
Netizens Raise Heavy Similarities in Yang Zi
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