Li Yifeng Breaks Up a Fight Between an Elderly Pair During His Livestream

li yifeng
Actor Li Yifeng had his evening slightly interrupted last night when he unknowingly stumbled upon an elderly couple having a row on the sidewalk while waiting to cross the road. The actor was in the middle of a livestream from Shanghai, chatting with fans and answering some of their questions when he heard the sounds of a loud argument erupting behind him between an elderly man and a lady. The lady was screaming particularly loudly at the man and no one amongst those waiting with him for the traffic light to change jumped in to help cool things down. From the video released of the incident, Li Yifeng can then be seen putting a hand out to block in the older man and patiently coaxing him to “come on, let’s go, don’t fight anymore ” multiple times while simultaneously trying to usher him along the road with him. 

li yifeng livestream
It must be so cool for fans watching him on the live broadcast to see this side of their idol. After the unexpected interruption, the star even tried to make light of things and said “sometimes it’s quite easy to turn good things into bad things, and bad things also turn into good things.” Prior to the altercation, the actor had just purchased a bunch of light up fairy wands from the elderly lady which he proceeded to share with his staff. Quite sweet of him really and I guess one of the reasons why he has himself such an army of loyal supporters.
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