Li Xian Calls Out Paparazzi Who Kept Following Him Despite His Repeated Calls for Them to Stop

Paparazzi Continues to Follow Li Xian Despite His Repeated Calls for Them to Stop
If you’ve already seen some Chinese celebs’ unfortunate run ins with paparazzi and the like this week, then I’m sorry to say that there’s more. Actor Li Xian recently took to social media to call out the behavior of a ‘reporter’ who was following him. 

He says, “I found out that I was being photographed while walking in the park this afternoon, after being asked, the other party claimed to be a ‘reporter’ from a certain media outlet. I told him that I was on a personal schedule and asked him not to shoot but when I was getting home, I discovered that he and a few other people were squatting around my neighborhood. After they saw me, they directly pointed their phones and filming equipment at me from across the street, yelling my name out load as they followed me. After I clearly told them many times not to shoot, they still laughed and followed me all the way to the door to my community. Hope that these photographers can stop disrupting other people’s normal work and lives for the sake of earning exposure. Moreover, such behaviors of stalking and crowding for a photograph at its worst can disrupt public order and safety. Respect is mutual, please know when to stop. Lastly, a reminder to still wear a mask during these extraordinary times, gather less, get together less.”
There was a time when I didn’t even know what daipai and sisheng were but Chinese entertainment has evolved so much that this sort of culture has not only become commonplace but also worsened over time. Having come across reports like Wang Yibo’s car having a GPS tracker and Yang Rong being filmed from her home, it’s like a sad race to win the contest for most extreme ways to chase a celebrity. 
Li Xian has seen a surge in popularity since Go Go Squid! and has publicly aired his frustrations towards sisheng fans in the past. It’s not surprising to see him speak up again about being followed by paparazzi as the actor has been quite vocal about his views against it.
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