Janine Chang Paints Herself Red In Response to a Comedian Saying She’s Not Popular Enough

Not red enough eh? Taiwanese actress Janine Chang just “painted” herself red in her most recent social media post. I guess this was her (cheeky) response to Yue Yunpeng after catching wind of the Chinese comedian’s earlier comment that she wasn’t “red” enough for him to recognize her. In a recent episode of the variety show Go Fighting!, Yue Yunpeng  failed to identify Janine from her photo when it was his turn to play guess the celebrity. “Who is this? I don’t recognize her, not red this person!” he exclaimed when shown her photo.

Loosely translated into English, the colour red -“hong” () is the slang word often used to describe a celebrity’s popularity. So when the comedian said Janine was “not red” what he was basically saying is that she’s not well known enough for him to know her!  As to whether it was just a cheap shot to get some laughs out of the audience (he’s a comedian after all) or whether he genuinely didn’t recognize her despite her participation in a long list of well known works like Ruyi’s Love in the Palace, Detective Chinatown 3, Empress of China etc, we’ll never know. But he said looking at the expressions on everyone’s faces after what he said, he knew he offended someone.  
Janine Chang Paints Herself Red In Response to a Comedian Saying She
I will work hard to turn myself red, I will try my best” returns Janine literally (and metaphorically too) while also directly tagging the comedian’s account. A contrite Yue Yunpeng later apologised for his on-air comment, replying to Janine’s tag and saying “Seeing you so red, I am quite embarrassed. To demonstrate my remorse, I will always remind myself” he writes, sharing a photo of his new wallpaper which now features Janine’s name.
Had you been in Janine’s shoes would you have replied? I liked how classy but effectively she dealt with Yue Yunpeng’s comment, because hey, she worked hard to get her career up to where it is right now so she can certainly put in her two cents’ worth to anyone who says otherwise.
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