Huanyu Film Shoots Down Rumors That Xu Kai and Bai Lu Are Dating and Living Together

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How many dramas have Xu Kai and Bai Lu been in together? Excluding the obvious ones like The Legends and Arsenal Military Academy, they also had smaller roles in Untouchable Lovers. The two are also part of the fantasy drama Zhao Ge which has yet to air despite wrapping in early 2017. That’s four dramas in total on top of past dating rumors that have plagued the two! 

Recently, paparazzi spotted Xu Kai’s assistant driving to Bai Lu’s neighborhood to pick Xu Kai up for work. Not long after, Bai Lu was spotted at the same basement and getting into another car. Netizens have put two and two together to assume that Xu Kai and Bai Lu were living together. 
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As both are from the same company, their agency Huanyu Film has released a statement to address the rumors regarding their artists Xu Kai and Bai Lu. According to them: 
1. The rumors that Xu Kai and Bai Lu are dating and cohabiting are false; 
2. With regards to the few media and marketing accounts (yingxiaohao) that are reporting their subjective speculation as news and forcing their ideas on the artists and their agency, Huanyu Film condemns these actions and reserves the right to take legal action. 
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Okay, I have to admit. I’ve loved this couple ever since The Legends and have watched their every drama together since then. However, it seems that the whole business behind fan shipping can be quite toxic as there have been bashing on both sides depending on whether you’re an exclusive Xu Kai fan, Bai Lu fan or a fan of their couple pairing. Back in January, Xu Kai had unfollowed Bai Lu on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo and she had done the same shortly after.
Not sure what’s going on but hearing this made me a little sad. Producer Yu Zheng had previously announced that the two will be reuniting as an onscreen couple for the historical drama Shang Shi. Yu Zheng who’s their boss also has a reputation for being their biggest shipper since he basically declared that he will continue to put them together in projects no matter what anyone says. Oh well, I can do what any respectable fan should do and support Xu Kai and Bai Lu individually but it would be nice have that one more drama together. 
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