He Jiong Takes Back His Praise of Ouyang Nana’s Acting After Backlash

He Jiong Takes Back His Praise of Ouyang Nana’s Acting After Backlash
I’m not qualified to comment on artist’s performances” says popular host He Jiong after the Go! Fridge 拜托了冰箱 episode of him praising cellist Ouyang Nana’s acting skills recently aired. His comments seem to have landed him in hot water with viewers who disagreed with him but what’s the fuss really?

After drawing attention with her role as Liu Haoran’s cello playing romantic interest in 2014’s Beijing Love Story, the Berklee College of Music student has slowly been adding on to her acting portfolio over the years and even landed the lead role in this year’s The Great Ruler opposite Roy Wang. Unfortunately for her though, despite her best efforts, many viewers were left wanting by her performance. This was one of the topics discussed in Go Fridge’s latest episode – specifically, her exaggerated acting when she participated in the variety show I Am the Actor 我就是演 which drew a lot of criticism from viewers.
Perhaps He Jiong meant well and that his intention was to encourage her to continue working hard in the industry when he said her performance ended up looking very exaggerated “perhaps because she was coached that way or that it was the result of editing”, because “that’s not her normal tone of speech”. In addition, he believes that Netizen’s standards when it comes to evaluating an actor’s skills in a variety show is wrong,  hence Ouyang Nana’s acting is actually “very good”, even praising her performance as very “skillful”. 
He Jiong Takes Back His Praise of Ouyang Nana’s Acting After Backlash
Whatever the case, his defense of the musician turned actress didn’t exactly go down well amongst Netizens and got him a lot of flak, because as some have pointed out,  excessive tolerance for poor acting is too indulgent and doesn’t really help an actor to improve it. 
It seems the host himself realised his blunder based on what he wrote on his social media page -“I just finished recording the program and saw a segment on the Internet, and I felt that my comments were inappropriate. Actually I felt it was inappropriate as soon as I said it. I also communicated my concern with the program’s  team but maybe because they felt I was concerned about my industry juniors that they decided to leave it in the edit. .. I’m not qualified to comment on artist’s performances, I also have no right to comment on other programs (referring to I Am the Actor), nor should I be vaguely expressing opinions that may hurt others however unintentionally. I will take this as a learning opportunity” said He Jiong.
He Jiong Takes Back His Praise of Ouyang Nana’s Acting After Backlash
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