Good Cop Bad Cop: Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo’s Police Drama Being a Hero Gets Underway

Good Cop Dirty Cop: Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo
After Wang Yibowas spotted at a script read-through last week, Being A Hero 冰雨火 finally holds its boot ceremony today to also confirm that Chen Xiao will indeed be starring in the police drama. 
Chen Xiao is quite a versatile actor who’s dabbled in many genres before so casting both as the leads should offer an interesting match up. Meanwhile, Wang Yibo has appeared in mostly costumed and romance dramas for his recent works so I’m glad he’s dipping his feet in a different genre to play a cop this time. The added bonus of seeing him in uniform doesn’t hurt either. *lol* Supposedly, Wang Yibo put in a lot of effort to build his muscles and also cut his hair short to prepare for the role so that should be a real treat for many of his fans.

Good Cop Dirty Cop: Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo
The two actors will play brothers who vowed to bring justice to the people behind their father’s murder, except the eldest, Wu Zhenfeng (played by Chen Xiao)  – one of the police academy’s best and brightest, falls in the hands of drug dealers while trying to protect his younger brother Chen Yu (Wang Yibo). 
Now, because the project is also directed by Fu Dongyu, the same director who brought us The Thunder, the TV adaptation of what remains to be one of China’s biggest drug busts in history, Being A Hero also continues along on that vein and reintroduces viewers to the drug underworld where narcotics is big business and human lives don’t matter in the face of profit.
Speaking of The Thunder, director Fu Dongyu seems to have brought back Wang Jinsong to his new project, although ironically, from the police uniform the veteran actor is sporting below, he’ll be playing the complete opposite of his drug lord character in The Thunder. With today’s announcement that veteran Liu Yijun also being a part of the cast, Netizens have been jokingly predicting that the Hunting actor will most probably play the baddie AGAIN versus Wang Jinsong’s police chief just coz of his propensity to always play the villain in most of his dramas. In fact Netizens are praying to the drama gods that Liu Yijun will end up being the good guy for a change! We shall see once more deets are released.
Being a Hero also features actors Zhao Zhaoyi, Feng Jiayi, Zhang Yuqi, Tu Bing, Gao Xuyang, Gong Lei, Ai Dong, Zhao Xuan, Tang Lujing, Wang Xiuzhu, Song Hanhuan, Guo Xiaoting and Zhao Xuan.
Good Cop Dirty Cop: Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo
Good Cop Dirty Cop: Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo
Good Cop Dirty Cop: Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo
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