Weaving a Tale of Love Kicks Off Filming with Gulinazha and Timmy Xu Who Stars in His First Costume Drama

Filming for the drama Weaving a Tale of Love (Datang Mingyue) 大唐明月 kicked off today with its stars Gulinazhaand Timmy Xu Weizhou as well as Kira Shi Shi and Zhao Shunran in full attendance to usher in the start of activities auspiciously. As the standout “lady in red” at the boot ceremony, Gulinazha finally returns to the costumed historical genre after dabbling in a few modern dramas like Ten Years Late and Return the World to You in recent years. It feels like a homecoming for Gulinazha who first burst onto the scene in a xianxia drama and continued to star in similar genres with her last costume drama being Fighter of the Destiny in 2017. 

Meanwhile, Timmy Xu’s career took an entirely different route with the singer-songwriter-actor gaining popularity through his breakout role in the Chinese web series Addicted. He has since proven his talents in music and went on to star in dramas and movies. Weaving a Tale of Love is Timmy Xu’s very first historical drama. 
Adapted from the time travel novel of the same name written by author Lan Yunshu 蓝云舒, Weaving a Tale of Love tells the romantic tale between Liuli, a highly gifted dressmaker, and Pei Xingjian, a scholar with extraordinary abilities who work together to outwit the various intrigues of palace life from the reign of Tang Emperor Gaozong until Wu Zetian’s eventual rise to power. 
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