After Youth with You, Duan Xiaowei Apologizes for Her Past Scandal Involving Nana Komatsu’s Photos

After Youth with You, Duan Xiaowei Apologizes for Her Past Scandal Involving Nana Komatsu’s Photos
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Before she even participated on the talent show Youth with You 2 青春有你2, aspiring idol Duan Xiaowei already had found some fame for being a Chinese influencer who had similarities in features to Japanese actress and model Nana KomatsuDuan Xiaowei went on to showcase her dancing abilities on the show which earned her a spot into the coveted Class A during the first round of evaluations. However, her past controversies have also followed her.

Duan Xiaowei had previously gotten in trouble after sharing some photos that appeared to be Nana Komatsu’s own photos edited by her team such as adding a mole to make it look more like Duan Xiaowei. Similarities can also be found between Duan Xiaowei’s vlog and scenes from Nana Komatsu’s movies. Duan Xiaowei got called out for stealing Nana Komatsu’s photos. Now that she’s been eliminated from the show, Duan Xiaowei finally addresses her past mistakes through a formal apology to Nana Komatsu and the public. 

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She wrote: “The Youth with You 2 competition has temporarily closed a chapter, thankful to the youth producers who have continuously paid attention to me. At the same time, I would like to explain to everyone the controversies that have followed me. 

I’ve been following Teacher Nana Komatsu from a long time ago and I like her very much, but my inappropriate actions while training last year —— to take Nana Komatsu’s original photos, edit it and put it on my personal Weibo, and my careless attitude on Weibo and in the comments have cause a very big misunderstanding. I should take the responsibility. Here, I would like to make my sincerest apologies to Nana Komatsu and to the netizens. Because this incident has caused everyone misunderstandings and unpleasantness, I solemnly say sorry, I will be more careful in the future, and I hope that everyone can forgive my childish actions. 

Regarding the other rumors that exist on the internet, they are all fabricated and I will not make any further responses about it. 

Finally, I would like to say that because I was filming the show and had no access to social media, I was not able to address the controversies in a timely manner, I fully understand everyone’s anger towards me, but but I cannot accept the malicious abuse and attacks towards my family and friends, I hope everyone can treat the other girls with more kindness.

Thank my youth had you, thank you everyone, Duan Xiaowei is already on the road to restart a journey…”

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