After Many Casting What Ifs, Li Yifeng and Yukee Chen Confirmed for Fantasy Drama ‘Mirror Twin Cities’

After Many Casting What Ifs, Li Yifeng and Yukee Chen Confirmed for Fantasy Drama
After months of speculation, is the mystery behind who will star in the upcoming costumed dramaMirror Twin Cities 镜双城 finally revealed albeit a wee bit unofficially? 

Okay, so the drama’s official page still hasn’t seen any action as of press date ever since releasing that one poster back in 2018 so that’s obviously a bust. But despite the radio silence from the drama’s production, casting rumours have continued to dog the project which had at different occasions even tagged a Li YifengYang Zi and a Dilraba DilmuratXiao Zhan partnership for the show. However, the most recent word on the street is that Li Yifeng and Yukee Chen Yuqi have already begun shooting their scenes for Mirror Twin Cities in Hengdian World Studios. Both have in fact even been papped filming their scenes in costume so that cat is surely out of the bag. I guess the only thing left now is for the show to finally put us out of our misery and announce it officially on their social media.
#LiYifeng and #ChenYuqi spotted filming historical fantasy, #MirrorTwinCities. Cast has not been officially announced. #镜双城

— cdrama tweets (@dramapotatoe) May 27, 2020

Mirror Twin Cities is based on the novel written by author Cang Yue where a bubbly ethnic Miao girl undertakes a long journey to a dreamlike utopia and meets her hero along the way.
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