Zhou Dongyu and Yang Mi are the Newest Faces of Victoria’s Secret

zhou dongyu yang mi vs
Make way “Angels”, because the secret’s out. The newest faces joining the Victoria’s Secret family are popular Chinese actresses Zhou Dongyu and Yang Mi, both of whom the lingerie giant just signed as the brand ambassadors of their Asia region. 

Known for her girl next door charisma, the choice to have the fresh faced Zhou Dongyu represent the brand was certainly a big surprise for many, since the actress’ petite skinny frame is very different from the more “sexier” models the brand usually signs in the past like previous ambassadors Ming Xi and He Sui who both have fuller figures. 
Nonetheless, her “non-traditional” slender frame doesn’t seem to deter the actress, who takes it all in stride and says the way I see it, sexiness is being comfortable, nonconformist, and being able to express myself naturally. We should be the ones defining the meaning of being sexy, and not let ourselves be the ones who are defined.”
Frankly speaking, the brand’s efforts to reinterpret sexiness is a refreshing change from the usual traditionalist model, showing perhaps that they’re finally ready to move towards a more inclusive and representative understanding of “sexy”. But as usual, reception of the campaign is divided. Some Netizens appreciate the brand’s effort to embrace diversity and its new message highlighting the importance of being comfortable in your own skin with a positive and optimistic attitude. Others are not so enthusiastic, saying that Zhou Dongyu’s child-like frame is unsuitable to advertise lingerie.
Meanwhile, can the Yang Mi touch also work its magic on the brand’s planned come back in the Asian market? The Chinese megastar commands a high level of fame in some parts of Asia where her dramas are super popular. As the ultimate influencer, fans will definitely sit up and take notice of whatever their idol is buying and promoting. In fact the effect of both celebrity’s endorsement is immediate as engagement on the Victoria’s Secret Weibo platform skyrocketed with likes, comments and reposts jumping up by the thousands after the announcements. 
yang mi vs
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