Zhang Yujian Tells Paparazzi to Stop Following Him and Flashes a ‘Weapon’ He Found But Doesn’t Dare Use

zhang yujian
With the success of Find Yourself earlier this year, Zhang Yujian’s supporting role as the level-headed brother that everyone liked to pick on endeared himself to audiences. 

It seems that more fame infinitely means less privacy as the actor took to social media to issue a warning, “To the few brothers tailing me, please stop, I’m scared. Even though I often do endorsements lately, I really didn’t make much money. After looking through my storage, look at the best weapon for self-defence that I’ve found. I don’t dare to use it because it’s expensive, I can’t bear to.”
Most would probably remember Zhang Yujian in web dramas like Le Coup De Foudre and An Oriental Odyssey. I actually first saw the actor in Ice Fantasy only to realize that he was also Jing Wang’s bodyguard in Nirvana in Fire! With Zhang Yujian appearing in public through interviews and what not, his dry humor has certainly stood out, so I’m not at all surprised to see him strike back at the paparazzi with his usual bluntness. 
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