Zhang Yujian Mistakenly Gets Bai Jingting’s Fan Mail

zhang yujian bai jingting fanmail
Was it a case of mistaken identity or what because Le Coup de Foudre actor Zhang Yujianjust received a fan letter that was mistakenly forwarded to him intended for Bai JingtingThe actor cheekily posted a photo of the note on social media just to let the sender know the letter was sent to him instead of its intended recipient.

fanmail to bai jingting
To: 铁总 – Bai Jingting’s nickname from fans 
My dear classmate, the letter you asked someone to pass on finds itself in my hands. Although I am quite sad, I will still help forward this (to the right person) for you. Please thank me and steer clear of the person you entrusted it to, would you” captions Yujian.
Whoa whoever sent in this fan mail certainly got a response alright … except from a different celeb! *lol* But never the mind because the boo boo also managed to grab Bai Jingting’s attention as the actor bantered back with a “I hope personally breaking the news didn’t have any add ons”, to which Yujian replied “Nope, it’s just that I’ve opened it and it’s a bit crumpled … I hope you won’t ignore it once you get it.” 
Well, looks like things turned out for the best despite the mix up since the lucky fan managed to snag both actor’s attention! Definitely a win-win! Meanwhile, fans of poor Zhang Yujian please make sure to send him lots of fan mail from now on alright? 
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