Yang Chaoyue Addresses the Doubts About Her and Why She Can Only Choose to Keep Silent

yang chaoyue
It has been almost two years since Yang Chaoyue first started in the industry in 2018 through the survival show Produce 101 China that has since opened doors for her to debut as part of the idol group Rocket Girls and had her venturing into acting with her first role in The Promise of Chang’An. Her first starring role as the leading lady of the Chinese remake of Project S: The Series already aired last year. 

With her rapid rise to fame, the idol life has also brought on many haters. In her show 横冲直撞20岁 with her fellow Rocket Girls members, Yang Chaoyue talks about how she takes in people’s opinions about her and why she’s choosing to keep silent until she can be better. 
rocket girls
Yang Chaoyue with the Rocket Girls
She says, “When I first started, every variety show, every interview, every program, every activity, every schedule and every job that I had, I did it with my heart, from the heart and wholeheartedly. But I realized there’s no more charge left, I don’t know where to go and get recharged. Because the past year has been like riding on a rocket, and it’s already hit that point. I need to accumulate because it’s impossible for someone to keep shooting up. You keep using your heart and effort to do many, many things. As you are working hard to move forward, everyone will feel that you can even be a little faster, move forward even a little more. There are tens and thousands of mouths against you. When you say something, there are a lot of people who twist your words or force their ideas on you, and you have no way to argue with them because the more you say, the more you talk, at the end, you can just be silent. Because your comments will be reworked again to become another headline, to attract even more page views and attention. Because I personally don’t have a lot of things and qualifications nor the standing and strength to convince them to agree with my views, only when you have the capabilities can you choose to be yourself.”
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