Xiao Zhan Releases His Rendition of the Old Chinese Classic ‘Ode to the Red Plum Blossoms’

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After lying low for some time since getting caught in a controversy, Xiao Zhan suddenly took to social media last week to post a photo of plum blossoms which had people trying to guess its meaning and viewing it as a hopeful message from the singer-actor.

On April 13, Xiao Zhan’s new rendition of the 1964 classic entitled Ode to the Red Plum Blossoms 红梅赞 was released in a special album for public welfare. As part of China Youth Daily’s initiatives to promote patriotism, Xiao Zhan was one of three singers to sing their rendition of a classic song of their hometown. It was probably not the comeback people anticipated, but things are certainly looking up with Xiao Zhan back at work. Although the plum blossoms turned out to be a literal teaser for his new song, its meaning of overcoming adversity in the winter is not lost. 
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