Xiao Zhan Drops a New Single with An Accompanying Message About Being Thankful for the Criticisms

xiao zhan light
Without so much as a warning, Xiao Zhan suddenly dropped his new single Guang Dian 光点 at midnight on Apr 25. It’s the second single he has dropped in recent weeks after almost two months of silence since he was caught in the AO3 controversy

In sharing the cover photo for his new song on social media, Xiao Zhan wrote, “The past is inscribed in my memories, thankful for the well-intended criticisms and corrections, growing up on the way.” The caption feels like his first actual response to everything that has happened to him. His song easily echoes the sentiments as it speaks about moments of being tested beyond limits and being positive as the chorus goes, “That we’ve got one life, one world so let’s come together, we’ll weather the storm. A rain of colors, look up to the sky, we’re all made of shooting stars, we are made to love.”
xiao zhan
Even before his latest single, Xiao Zhan has gradually become more active again on social media by posting images on microblogging site Weibo and its social app Oasis. His lawyers have also begun to take legal action against those that have infringed on the actor’s rights. I do hope that things will keep on getting better for him from hereon. 
xiao zhan light
Apr 20 – Xiao Zhan shared an image of bright light in the darkness on Oasis
xiao zhan plum blossom
Apr 10 – Xiao Zhan shared an image of plum blossoms on Oasis.
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