Unknown User Hacks Wu Lei’s Weibo to Ship Him with Dilraba Dilmurat in Their Drama Chang Ge Xing

Wu Lei recently took to Weibo to re-share a leaked video of him and Dilraba Dilmurat filming their new drama Chang Ge Xing while adding the caption, “Wah, so warm, digging this cp (couple pairing).” It certainly seemed out of character for Wu Lei to be engaging in fan shipping, much less share a leaked video of their set. As it turns out, the now-deleted post wasn’t even done by him because his account had been hacked!

wu lei
Wu Lei’s studio released a statement to say, “Lately, unknown users have been continuously logging on to Mr. @Wu Lei’s personal Weibo account. In the morning of April 28, the account was used to share and comment on a Weibo post. This action has caused Mr. Wu Lei trouble and violated his basic rights. Upon learning about this, the studio immediately conducted an investigation on the Weibo source, the cell phone model and other evidence which prove that it is a malicious act by someone to cause trouble. In view of this, the studio represents Mr. Wu Lei in issuing a warning: People’s privacy on their social platforms should be respected and protected, please stop infringing on the privacy of others, we will also be taking action against the invasion of Mr. Wu Lei’s privacy! – Wu Lei Studio.”
Absurdities have become so common in the internet that I’m not even surprised anymore. On another note, I’m curious to see how this ship will sail once the show airs. Wu Lei and Dilraba’s 7-year age gap is really not that big except that Wu Lei is 20 and looks 20 while Dilraba has a more womanly look. I had initially hoped that Dilraba would be paired with Qu Chuxiao as previously rumored but with his recent scandals, it does feel like the production dodged a bullet by casting Wu Lei.  
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