Trouble in Serenade of Peaceful Joy? Crystal Zhang’s Team Shoots Down Alleged Accusations by Maggie Jiang’s Manager

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Historical drama Serenade of Peaceful Joy 清平乐 starring Wang Kai and Maggie Jiang Shuying has been on air for less than a week. However, a topic trending today involves leading lady Maggie Jiang and actress Crystal Zhang Tianai who made a recent cameo for one episode. 

A comment allegedly made by Maggie Jiang’s manager Franky Zong Shuai on his Wechat friends’ circle is making the rounds online where he took screenshots of several social media posts pointing out how Maggie Jiang has been completely overshadowed by Crystal Zhang’s beauty. He implies that Crystal Zhang’s team were the ones behind it when he says, “Are the netizens saying this or is it your manager saying this? He further says, “Never saw you this diligent in plotting your own land, but when it comes to cutting down other people’s trees, you’re full of energy.” 
Top High statement
Crystal Zhang’s team was quick to issue a response as they condemned any cyberbullying towards the actress. Her agency Top High issued a statement directly addressing the issue as they said, “Honest people do not do underhanded things, there is no cutting down of other people’s trees! Our artist Miss Zhang Tianai made a cameo in the TV series Serenade of Peaceful Joy and worked hard to do her part as an actress, she never “stepped” or “upstaged” anyone. With regards to a portion of online users intentionally creating misunderstandings to create buzz, these rumors worth have always been worthless and shouldn’t take up public resources. For a certain industry insider to make malicious comments because of it for whatever reason, it has seriously hurt the reputation of Zhang Tianai.” They further add that slanderous comments are against the law. Hence, they demand a public apology and for the rumors to be stopped, else they will reserve the right to take legal action. 
He-said, she-said situations seem to always happen in showbiz. I happened to catch the  wedding scene from Serenade of Peaceful Joy last night and Maggie Jiang was absolutely regal on her wedding day. I laughed at the scene when Wang Kai saw his empress for the first time and was dumbfounded by her beauty. I’ve always found Crystal Zhang to be stunning even in Go Princess Go when they had to make do with low-budget costumes. Can’t we just agree that both ladies are gorgeous?  At the news, Crystal Zhang’s response this morning was a photo of Jerry scratching his head full of question marks. 
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