The Chang’An Youth (2020)

The Chang'An Youth
If this quarantine period has got you marathon watching dramas, why not cast your eye on Uvin Wang Yuwen and Caesar Wu Xize’s newest web drama The Chang’An Youth 长安少年行? It seems to fall right into the familiar trope of a crossdressing girl going to an all-boys school that may just be the light-hearted affair to satisfy your drama cravings.

The Chang’An Youth is a 24-episode historical romance which narrates the story of Shen Yiyi, an extraordinary cook who repays a debt of friendship by taking her friend’s place to fulfill a prearranged marriage and travels to Chang’An. Yiyi’s life takes an interesting turn when she crossdresses as a man to enter the same school as her friend’s fiancee where she makes the acquaintance of a motley group of individuals each with their own secrets.
There’s Yang Zi An, who guards his identity closely and has secret orders from the emperor, arrogant swordsman Dugu Muxue, “pretty boy” Tang Jiuhua and the endearing Prince Li Xinyuan. Together, these five unlikely friends make up what will be thus known as the Five Sons of Shangyi, solving unusual cases and bringing justice to corrupt officials.
The Chang'An Youth
Uvin Wang was very recently in another web series Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2‘s. You might recall Caesar Wu in his debut role as Ximen in 2018’s remake of the popular drama Meteor Garden. The series also stars Liu Yichang, Xie Binbin (The Prince of Tennis) and Qi Peixin (The Untamed) who finally returns on the screens after his scandal last year.
The Chang'An Youth
The Chang'An Youth
The Chang'An Youth
Qi Peixin
xie binbin wang yuwen The Chang'An Youth
The Chang'An Youth

Release Date: April 20, 2020 Tencent, MGTV

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