Some of the Manga that Yang Mi Has Read and Why She’s Grumbling About Demon Slayer

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We may be used to seeing them all dolled attending red carpet events and jetting off to all these glamorous places for their holidays. And yeah, sometimes it’s hard to picture them doing normal things, but maybe the life of a celebrity isn’t super different from ours most of the time? 

yang mi reads demon slayer


Take Yang Mi for example, did you know that the actress is a huge fan of manga? I love that no matter how glam her image may be, the actress lets her inner geek peek through every once in a while, proving that there are still some bits of their lives that are relatable to the average Joe.
Anyway, it seems the actress was just finishing chapter 200 of Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer whose ending she was bemoaning today on social media – that and the online spoilers giving away what happens in chapter 201. Meh.
yang mi demon slayer chapter 200/201
Alligator is heartless (Koyoharu uses an alligator as his avatar and never his own photo), trending search spoilers also have no heart, I’m so pissed off!” laments the actress.
This is not the first time the actress posted her reaction to some of the manga she’s read like a regular fan. When the manga series of Naruto was about to conclude its 15-year-run in November 2014, Yang Mi said, “I don’t care if you become Hokage or not, I don’t care who’s better between you and Sasuke, I don’t care if you marry Sakura or Hinata, I don’t care if Jiraya reappears at the end or not, I don’t care about the face behind Kakashi’s mask, just please is it possible not to end? Don’t be like this.” 
yang mi naruto
Here she’s wondering if she should pick up Gin Tama again, a manga she’s always wanted to keep reading but never managed to keep up with. 
yang mi Gin Tama
Here, she was lamenting how Beelzebub has really ended. She shared her thoughts the day Ryūhei Tamura concluded the series on February 24, 2014. 
yang mi Beelzebub
And here with a photo of Tōshirō Hitsugaya from Bleach wondering whether she was alone in thinking that people who use ice in comics are mostly the same.
yang mi Bleach
If there’s any doubt that celebrities are just like us most of the time, then perhaps this little tidbit manages to bring them closer down to earth .. even just a little bit.
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