Skate Into Love Couples’ T-WINNING Outfits

skate into love
Cool toned blues complimenting each other. These two sure clean up well!
First it was the Ashes of Love references popping up here and there. Now, it’s couple style dressing. The drama Skate Into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 is turning out to be quite a treasure trove of hidden themes, and I for one am totally in for how the show’s production team is trying to keep things fresh and interesting. 

Be it colour schemes, brands, patterns or styling, matching couple looks seem to be all the rage amongst the young actors in the series. Seems the costume department has been going a little extra to show the world who’s being paired up with who – just don’t expect to see Yubing and Tang Xue in matching sequined numbers okay coz they’re not exactly figure skating in pairs or ice dancing partners. *lol* 
But wait, is the matchy couple style just an Asian thing or what, because I’m sure you’ve already seen lots of Kdramas (and now Cdramas) with couples sporting the matchy matchy stuff (as if we need them to further emphasize their couple-dom); even on vacation you can spot honeymooning couples a mile away just by the “his and hers” style of outfits down to the hats and the shoes. Because nothing spells out togetherness more than the “couple look”.
Some more couple style dressing the show’s been rockin’ –
Skate into Love janice wu zhang xincheng
Matchy red and white hoodies for the adorable leads
skate into love
Fresh White + Light Denim from not-a-couple Tang Xue and Yu Yan
skate into love plaid outfits
Tang Xue’s two best friends pairing up in plaid
skate into love han jiunuo cao bo
Black and white combo for the soon-to-be couple? 
skate into love bian cheng zhou ran
 Guess somebody got the memo that neutral tones are still in for spring/summer 2020
skate into love main couple
Just in time for spring, our main couple rocks a matching butter yellow jacket and hoodie
skate into love
Sporty in light blue and pink. They also seem to wear FILA a lot too. Sponsor maybe?
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