Show Luo Clarifies that His Mom Isn’t Sick and Asks for Everyone to Stop Attacking Her

show luo mom
After Grace Chow’s shocking cheating allegations that saw Show Luo’s career crash and burn, rumors continue to run rampant about everything pertaining to the scandal which has even involved Show’s mom. 

There were reports by Taiwanese media claiming that Show’s mother is very unhappy with Grace Chow since she treated Grace as a daughter-in-law but never thought that Grace would burn bridges after the breakup and destroy her son’s career. There were also reports that Show has repeatedly reached out to Grace Chow to ask for mercy because his mother is sick. 
Although he has kept quiet following his two public apologies, the rumors have prompted Show Luo to issue another statement. He says, ““Sorry, I just want to clarify, my mother is in good health, very healthy and not gravely ill. And my mom was not interviewed by the media and did not make any statement. Please stop attacking my mother. Thank you everyone.”
With so many keyboard warriors, it’s not even surprising to see that his mother is also being attacked. Not siding with Show, but I think most can agree that there’s really no need to be attacking anyone’s family. 
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