Movie Version of Journey of Flower Approved to Film, No News on Casting Yet

journey of flower
Does anyone still remember the news from three years ago about Journey of Flower 花千骨 getting a movie? Well now, there’s hope!

Movies in China must first pass a review process and according to reports, the movie version of Journey of Flower has gotten its approval from the China Film Administration. It is being produced by New iPicture, a company founded by Tang Lijun. She is the woman who produced the drama version starring Zhao Liying and Wallace Huo which we all know went on to become a massive hit. It became the first drama to hit 20 billion views online back in 2015. 
The story follows Hua Qiangu who falls for Bai Zihua and becomes his disciple. This is actually one of those xianxia classics that I never watched in its entirety, but I think most would remember those heart wrenching scenes that are always on replay. With how movies are normally made, getting approved is just the first step. It’s not even clear if they’ve started the casting process yet so this may mean another long wait. Still, it doesn’t hurt to speculate. Any thoughts on the cast?

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