Long Distance Couple Joe Chen and Alan Chen Remain Sweet Despite Being Apart Due to COVID-19

joe chen alan chen
Long distance relationships can already be hard as it is. But love in the time of Corona … whilst on LDR? Even harder.  
Because of the sweep of lockdowns triggered globally by the pandemic, Taiwanese actress Joe Chen and her boyfriend Alan Chen have been forced to spend a longer time than normal apart from each other. Joe is from Taiwan while Alan is from Malaysia. With Taiwan and Malaysia now restricting entry and exit through its borders, guess the two lovebirds won’t be celebrating Joe’s birthday this year– their first as a couple, together.

Talk about a major bummer. Thank god for the conveniences of modern technology right – imagine if this was a couple of years ago and Zoom or Facetime wasn’t even an option. Oh boy. At least they can have a dinner date via video chat. Oh and Alan partially makes up for it when he posted a rather sweet tribute to Joe on his social media where he spoke of how he missed her and the things they enjoyed together. I say he totally earned himself some brownie points with that move.
How is everyone faring? I hope you are all staying at home, staying safe and healthy with your loved ones.
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