Youth With You 2 Trainee Liu Yuxin’s Manager Suspended After Allegedly Throwing Shade at Snow Kong

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Trainees Liu Yuxin and Snow Kong are among the contestants vying for a spot to debut through the Chinese talent show Youth With You 2 青春有你2. Since the show started, both ladies have been rising in popularity and ranking high in the weekly charts. However, they were suddenly in a controversy that was not of their own making. 

It started when Liu Yuxin’s manager Pang Junjun was thought to be throwing shade at Snow Kong when she took to social media to say, “I never thought that someone can be so bad. I feel disgusted for having known you. The roads in jianghu travel far~ do bad things and you self-destruct.” She added the snowflake and green tea emojis which had some assuming that she was referring to Snow Kong and calling her a green tea (an internet slang for a woman who acts innocent when she’s not).
Snow Kong used to be under the same agency as Liu Yuxin and the comments naturally riled up some discord among Liu Yuxin and Snow Kong fans. Liu Yuxin’s agency Asian Music Group has since released a statement to say that they do not condone the negative impact that their staff’s personal opinion has caused and that they will continue to pay close attention to the incident. They also say, “The company has decided to relieve the staff in question from all management duties and to conduct an investigation on the incident. The relevant personnel will be dealt with serious consequences.” 
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