Joe Chen Talks Candidly About Her Weight Loss and Bust Enhancing Secrets

joe chen
“Lost 3 kilograms in a 10 day challenge.”
If there’s ever a pattern card for being forty but still looking fabulous, actress Joe Chen is definitely a strong contender! Why, the actress looks as fresh and even better IMHO than when she first played Chen Xinyi in Fated to Love You a decade ago. Which is why despite her age (clearly age is just a number where she’s concerned), her youthful appearance and great figure has Netizens naturally clamoring to know her secrets. 

You know how “What I Eat in a Day/Week” type of videos have been slowly gaining in popularity on Youtube? Short of filming one, Joe recently published a detailed version of her weight loss menu since she’s trying to shave off a few pounds.  But then ever curious Netizens wanting to know how she maintains her physique also asked if she has some bust enhancement secret recipes that she can share too. 
joe chen weight loss recipe
“Is there such a thing? I honestly think you have to be born with it and that there’s no such thing as a second development” says the actress. “If you ask me, I didn’t like eating veggies and fruits growing up. I prefer to eat meat, various internal organs and pig’s feet. I didn’t even like eating papaya!” she adds. Hmm is that her secret then? But really, Joe says that clothes don’t fit and look as good if you have a bigger bust, which is I guess her way of indirectly telling Netizens to be happy with what they have. ​​​​
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