It’s a Wrap for the Chinese Film Adaptations of Onmyōji Featuring Mark Chao and Deng Lun

Happy Thursday everyone! Here’s a little something to spice up your day especially now that all the days have been passing by like a blur whilst staying home. I had to actually check the calendar to confirm that today is Thursday since we’ve been on lock down for so long now. Anyway before I digress even further, it looks like we’re one step closer to seeing Yin Yang Shi Qing Ya Ji 阴阳师晴雅集, Guo Jingming’s movie adaptation of the Japanese fantasy classic Onmyōji on the silver screens because the cast and crew just wrapped up eight months of filming in Hengdian yesterday!

This is a fantastic development for fans eagerly anticipating a Mark Chao and Deng Luntandem as well as for Onmyoji fans. But I reckon this is especially bittersweet for Mark Chao enthusiasts since we’ve not had many opportunities to see the actor on any screens in the last year and a half as both his drama adaptation of the super popular Korean series Misaeng entitled Ordinary Glory 平凡的荣耀and his Venice International Film Festival flick Saturday Fiction with Gong Li, have yet to see the light of day. 
While there hasn’t been any stills from the film released just yet, thank goodness the movie’s creator Guo Jingming is an avid selfie taker because thanks to his diligence, what we have are fun behind the scenes photos of Mark Chao’s Qing Ming and Deng Lun who plays his buddy Bo Ya, as well as what the rest of cast has been up to for the past eight months of filming on set. Not to mention Guo Jingming kinda dropped a golden easter egg which hinted that a sequel to the first movie entitled Yin Yang Shi Long Ye Qu 阴阳师泷夜曲 was ALSO filmed by the cast and crew!
Qing Ya Ji also stars Olivia Wang Ziwen, Chun Xia, Wang Duo, Huang Jue, Allen Lin Yilun, Xu Kaicheng, Zhang Xiaochen, Sun Chenjun, Zhang Ruonan, Jusper Oumide, He Derui, Ju Xiaowen, Huang Hongxuan, Li Hongchen and Li Shengye
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